Fleas, Bugs, Listerine, Dawn Dishwashing Detergent

Barbara writes:

Hi guys,
Just wanted to share some news I just heard.. With summer coming and
those terrible biting bugs you can now
use a spray bottle with Listerine in it and spray
, in a dog house if you have one, and on the area of your picnic. Suppose to drive them away and pretty cheap if you buy it in a dollar store.

I intend on trying it for these summer days and nites especially.. In Florida you need all the help you can get. The dogs should have less worries with them not around.


From Juliette55

I have two Bichons, both male and two other dogs a Maltese and a white Poodle mix and this is what I do for fleas:
First I buy a huge bottle of Listerene mouth wash and I dump it in a spray bottle and I go outside and I spray it all over the yard, wa la no mosiquitoes that carry all kinds of problems for the dogs.
Then I get Dawn Dish Washing liquid and I bath the dogs in it, if they have ANY fleas it will kill them instantly and then I rinse the dogs well and then I put conditioner on them whatever I have and I DO NOT have a flea problem.

You can also spray the Listerine around deck areas your pools etc and it really does keep the bugs down. and its so cheap!

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